Dr. Jesse

As a healthcare practitioner I welcome anyone into my office without judgment, and always provide an empathetic ear with a safe and open place for dialogue. I focus on chronic disease and mental health conditions, but also serve as a wellness doctor to ensure you achieve and maintain optimal health through easy lifestyle modification.

I always made certain I had elders as my primary teachers and mentors to absorb and honour their lifetime of experience and knowledge. I am humbled and grateful to carry on their legacy. Thanks to their expertise and my own eclectic background, I have had great success in treating a wide array of conditions from epilepsy to digestive problems, infertility to diabetes, weight loss to anxiety, and arthritis to schizophrenia. I help people get well and stay well, and draw upon my lineage of elders to achieve optimal patient outcome success.

I did not choose to become a healthcare practitioner – it chose me. The “wounded healer” is a term used to describe one who has gone through a healing journey, and now assists others through their own journey. This description is applicable to my cause, and I find my greatest value in serving others – particularly through practical methods, education, and the use of humor (whenever possible). I take pride in multiculturalism, and welcome all walks of life with kindness and respect – especially you.


  • BA Psychology – University of Saskatchewan
  • Doctor of Naturopathy Degree – Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Viriditas Medical & Practical Herbalism Courses – John Redden RH
  • Registered Medical Herbalist – Ontario Herbalists Association
  • Electrodermal Diagnosis & Therapeutics – Dr. Charles McWilliams
  • Biotherapeutic Drainage for Individualized Disease – Dr. Pierre Tondelier (Seroyal)
  • Biotherapeutic Drainage & UNDA Compounds – Dr. Dickson Thom (Seroyal)
  • Phytotherapy – Dr. Robert Abell (Seroyal)
  • Gemmo/Oligo and Tissue Salts Therapy – Dr. Robert Abell (Seroyal)
  • Esoteric Acupuncture levels 1-3 – Dr. Mikio Sankey
  • Intuitive Practice – Angela Prider
  • The Homeopathic Noble Gases – Jeremy Sherr
  • Miasms, Temperments, & Constitutions I & II – Dr. Robert Abel
  • Natural Support for Lyme Disease & Viruses – Dr. Mikhael Adams
  • Microbiome: Health & Disease – Dr. Nigel Plummer
  • Ho’oponopono Basic Level 1 (Audit) – Suzanne Johnson
  • German New Medicine Level 1 – Ilsedora Laker