Jesse’s history has not always been a focus on health. He worked as a technician in the film industry for 11 years before deciding to become a naturopath. The last five of those years were also spent studying acting. It was acting that brought him into the world of alternative medicine – while attempting to improve his skills as an actor, little did he know he was simply striving to improve himself.

As an actor it was easy for him to step into the shoes of any character and view the world through their perceptions. In practice, this translates to welcoming anyone into his office without judgement, while providing an empathetic ear in a safe and open space for dialogue. He takes pride in multiculturalism, and welcome all walks of life with kindness and respect.

Jesse did not choose to become a naturopath, it chose him. The “wounded healer” is a term used to describe one who has gone through a healing journey, and now chooses to assist others through their own journey. This description is applicable to his cause, as he finds his greatest value in serving others – particularly through practical application, patient education, and the use of humor (whenever possible).

Everyone in life is a teacher, and Jesse is especially grateful for his – within the health field and without. He would like to thank those on his Mentors page, as well as Dr. Colleen Robinson TCMD, and Angela Prider for their healing work and influence.


  • BA Psychology – University of Saskatchewan
  • Doctor of Naturopathy Degree – Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Registered Medical Herbalist – Ontario Herbalists Association


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