To become great at what you do requires having great elders and experts as mentors. Below is a list of mentors Jesse has been fortunate enough to study from and sit with in practice. He would also like to extend gratitude to Dr. Dickson Thom ND and Dr. Robert Abell ND with whom he has studied many times with via teleconference or seminar.

Dr. Gary Schafer ND – Sherwood Park, Alberta

From 2013-2017, Jesse has had the honour and privilege of shadowing naturopathic elder, Dr. Gary Schafer ND of Vital Health Clinic in Sherwood Park, Alberta ( He is an expert in the naturopathic field and especially for being the renowned doc for helping those when all other help has failed. Jesse is sincerely grateful for Dr. Gary’s generous teaching nature.

Dr. Charles McWilliams ND – West Indies

In March 2014, Jesse had the great privilege of spending a week with a master – Dr. Charles McWilliams ND of Nevis Island. All he can say is he has been very blessed to inherit some of the tools and understandings Dr. Charles has provided the world with through a refined legacy of wisdom and expertise.

Mr. John Redden RH – Toronto, Ontario

Perhaps Canada’s most famous medical herbalist and most intelligent human being – Mr. John Redden RH was Jesse’s profound teacher of herbal medicine. Discouraged with what and how the naturopathic college taught herbal medicine, Jesse remedied his education by studying with John once a week for three years, and is still in contact with this elder when in need of advice (particularly regarding herbs!).

Dr. Jonn Matsen ND – North Vancouver, British Columbia

While on summer break from naturopathic college, in 2013 Jesse was very fortunate to shadow Dr. Jonn Matsen ND in his North Vancouver practice. Dr. Jonn is the naturopath who first treated Jesse, and consequentially inspired him to become a naturopathic doctor. Dr. Matsen is famous for his Eating Alive books (, and his specific focus on diet, digestion, and liver health.

Dr. Mikio Sankey TCMD – Los Angeles, California

In 2013 and 2014, Jesse had the honor and privilege of studying with Dr. Mikio Sankey TCMD – the founder of Esoteric Acupuncture. This acupuncture system rapidly increases the efficacy of traditional acupuncture, while promoting a high degree of wellness and personal growth. Dr. Mikio has a very serious impact on all those around him, and Jesse is sincerely grateful for the knowledge and skill he has acquired through him.