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“What can I take for my allergies??”

The question that everyone seems to ask me. My first response is to say, “Go see an ND,” but when pushed further I suggest these options:

  1. Quercetone – known to be effective in treating symptoms.
  2. Neti pot – I have a friend who claims they cured their allergy to grass using one of these.
  3. Himalayan Salt Inhalers – one of the docs I have shadowed in practice loves to prescribe these for clearing heavy metals. Historically, salt has been used to treat and cure a multitude of conditions including both allergies and asthma.

Histamine is the culprit for allergic reactions, and is influenced by a multitude of things (e.g. carbohydrate intolerance). Therefore, allergies can sometimes be a real challenge to treat.

Take a Contrast Shower To Kick a Cold In the Butt!

Whether you feel a sore throat or cold coming on, or have been fighting one for weeks, try taking contrast showers to boost your immune system. Here’s what to do: shower hot for 3-5 minutes and then switch to 30 seconds cold. Then repeat 5-7 times. The heat will dilate all vessels, sending your immune fighters out closer to the surface. The cold water will then contract vessels and bring the fighters in. This acts as a natural pump causing lots of fighters to be circulated around the body quickly, thus increasing the chance of more specific fighters hitting the target areas. Always finish with cold, but never allow yourself to get a chill. Contrast showers also boost metabolism if you are looking to lose weight,  can help clear the skin, and dump toxins.

Quick tip: cold water is less of a shock to the body if it hits your head first. Each cold repetition will become easier as you go along.

The Wonders of Castor Oil

Three of the many uses for castor oil:

1. Improving Digestion  2. Detoxifying the liver,  3. Reducing pain and inflammation (e.g. joint pain).

Here’s what to do:

Take two strips of organic cotton flannel free of any flame retardants, and place some plastic cut out from an old shopping bag between them. Pour a line of castor oil on one of the strips of flannel and place oil-side onto the liver, gut, or site of pain and inflammation. Use a towel to tie around or hold firm with hands to secure for 20 minutes or longer. For fans of Chinese medicine, the prime time for liver detox is 6-8pm as lymphocytes peak 7 hours after treatment, which is “Liver-Time” in Asian med (1-3am).

The molecular weight of castor oil is 298 Da, which means it can be absorbed topically, as it is less than 500 Da. Enjoy!